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chevelo shampoo Are you struggling with the problem of excessive hair loss? You were not helped by the products available in stores that would be a remedy for this type of trouble?

Try Chevelo Shampoo – a professional dermo-treatment that includes a specialized shampoo based on carefully selected ingredients. Effectiveness is scientifically guaranteed!

What are the causes of hair loss and baldness?

Thinning or excessive hair loss is a problem for both men and women, not always related to the natural aging processes of the body. There can be many reasons for hair loss: from a poor diet, through genetic factors, hormonal disorders, to stress or a history of diseases.

The professional Chevelo Shampoo treatment has scientifically proven effectiveness in preventing hair loss – a cleansing shampoo that penetrates the hair follicles and stimulates their work, as well as improves microcirculation in the scalp and rebuilds damaged hair follicles.

Chevelo Shampoo – a unique combination of ingredients

Virtually every person at some stage in their life struggles with excessive hair loss. In such situations, professional treatment and systematic care are necessary, both for the scalp and the hair itself.

Chevelo Shampoo is a unique composition of carefully selected, top-quality ingredients contained in two complementary products: shampoo and oil. These ingredients include:

  • vitamin complex – inhibits the disappearance of hair follicles,
  • arginine – increases the penetration of nutrients into the skin,
  • caffeine – stops the production of a hormone that causes baldness,
  • lactic acid – has antibacterial properties, regulates the functioning of the sebaceous glands,
  • lysine – improves the overall condition of the hair, gives it shine,
  • retinol – is responsible for the elasticity and naturalness of the hair,
  • xylitol and lactitol – help maintain the bacterial balance of the scalp microflora,
  • Baikal skullcap – stimulates the natural growth of the hair roots,
  • camellia flower – strengthens the hydrolipid layer,
  • soybean and wheat sprout extracts – extend the life cycle of hair in the growth phase,
  • coconut oil – affects the strength and density of hair,
  • pumpkin seed oil – regulates the physiological balance of the scalp,
  • rosemary oil – stimulates hair growth, nourishes hair bulbs,
  • lavender oil – protects against the development of scalp infections.

Chevelo Shampoo is scientifically proven effectiveness

The list of ingredients included in Chevelo Shampoo can be impressive. However, more important than their number is the fact that, firstly – they are only ingredients of natural origin, and secondly – when combined, they create a unique composition that inhibits the process of hair loss in an amazingly effective way, and additionally makes new hair grow faster. , they are stronger, more beautiful, more resilient and shiny.

Importantly, the effectiveness of Chevelo Shampoo preparations has been scientifically confirmed by experts in the field of trichology (this is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of scalp and hair diseases). The unique formula of Chevelo Shampoo allows you to:

  • extension of the hair growth phase,
  • reduction of hair loss by as much as 60%,
  • elimination of clearances,
  • visible hair thickening (on average by about 20%),
  • strengthening genetically weak hair,
  • increasing hair elasticity,
  • giving the hair volume.

However, this is still not all. A series of clinical trials have proven that the use of Chevelo Shampoo for three months allows you to eliminate the signs of not only hair loss, but also baldness!

And it is worth remembering that baldness is a problem that may affect 40% of men over 35 and 85% of men over 80. Women are also struggling with baldness more and more. Chevelo Shampoo is an effective way to get rid of this embarrassing and causing many complexes ailments.

What is very important – Chevelo Shampoo shampoo works well for people diagnosed with androgenic, plaque, postpartum and hereditary alopecia. It can be used regardless of sex and age, is safe and dermatologically tested.

Chevelo Shampoo is simple and convenient to use

The advantage of the Chevelo Shampoo dermo-treatment is also the fact that the product is extremely convenient to use and its application does not require a lot of free time.

Chevelo Shampoo shampoo is intended for daily hair care, so it is enough to simply replace the cosmetics used so far.

Before use, shake the bottle so that both parts of it mix thoroughly. Apply a small amount of shampoo to wet hair, gently massage it into the scalp until it lathers, leave for two minutes and rinse. It’s simple, isn’t it?

The procedure should be repeated 3 times a week. The first effects are visible after a single use, and after three months of use, hair loss is reduced by as much as 60%.

Is Chevelo Shampoo worth using? Our opinion

Is it worth using the Chevelo Shampoo dermo-treatment? Definitely yes! it is not only effective but also easy to use. After just a few months, you can see spectacular effects.

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