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Erectile dysfunction is a problem that can happen to every man, regardless of age. Fortunately, there are simple and safe ways to get rid of this problem. It is the use of Formelan intimate gel.

Where do potency problems come from?

Male sexual performance is influenced by many factors, related not only to health in general, but also to lifestyle, stress, diet and the level of physical activity.

According to the latest research, up to 1.5 million men over the age of 35 struggle with potency disorders in our country.

Formelan – the power of natural ingredients in the fight for a hard erection

Erection problems have a very negative impact on self-esteem and self-esteem in any man who develops them.

This does not mean, however, that they are irreversible – the available modern methods of supporting natural male potency allow you to effectively increase sexual performance. Formelan intimate gel is a preparation with proven effect.

It owes its effectiveness to the combination of natural ingredients that have a positive effect on male sexuality.

  • Guarana extract – guarana is a plant whose stimulating effect has been known for years. This is due to the presence of caffeine with energizing and energizing properties. Caffeine stimulates the functioning of the central nervous system, causing the secretion of appropriate hormones, which in turn improves the mood, quickly adds energy and increases physical performance. This plant reduces the level of bad cholesterol , which also affects a man’s sexual performance. However, most importantly, guarana increases blood flow, also around the penis, thanks to which it allows you to have a successful sexual intercourse.
  • Mediterranean bark extract – This bark is sometimes called a “laxative” for blood vessels. It expands their light, dissolves blood clots and deposits, thus significantly improving blood flow, which of course strengthens the erection . In addition, Mediterranean bark extract affects the length of an erection and makes the erect penis harder.
  • Asian ginseng extract – this plant has been the basis of excellent health, including sexual health, of the indigenous people of Asia for millennia. Ginseng strengthens the body, regulates the functioning of all organs, resists stress, stimulates physical performance and – most importantly – accelerates blood circulation, which is the basis for achieving a satisfactory erection .
  • African burdock extract – another natural plant that has a very beneficial effect on male potency. In the form of a gel, African burdock extract quickly penetrates the body, gives energy, stimulates emotions and increases the intensity of experiences.

How does Formelan erection gel work?

formelan There are several factors that contribute to the innovation and effectiveness of Formelan gel.

  • First of all – the complex of natural ingredients affects the solution of erection problems already at the level of the corpus cavernosum in the penis, thanks to which erections are much more frequent, longer and more intense.
  • Secondly – the gel formula (unlike capsules that must be swallowed and only from the stomach through the blood vessels reach the penis area), Formelan ingredients immediately work at their destination, so the effect of application is extremely fast.
  • In addition, the gel increases the natural production of testosterone in the male body, which allows you to have intense sexual intercourse every time you feel like it. Intercourse becomes longer, multiple ejaculations are possible, the quality of relationships and the emotional feelings associated with them improve.
  • Finally, the very consistency of Formelan gel is very pleasant. The preparation absorbs very quickly, leaving no feeling of moisture or stickiness unpleasant to the skin.

The effects of using Formelan gel, not only short-term

Formelan gel is not only a short-term potency enhancer. Yes, for a quick effect, you need to massage the dose of the gel into the penis twice immediately before intercourse – the erection appears immediately, is longer and more intense, and the sexual intercourse itself – successful each time.

However, very importantly, Formelan also provides a noticeable improvement in sexual performance in the long run. Regular use of the gel (rub it into the penis twice a day: morning and evening) strengthens the blood vessels in the genital area and improves blood flow, making erection much easier.

The Formelan application quickly becomes an everyday element of taking care of your sexual performance.

Formelan is an efficient packaging that will last a long time

Another advantage of Formelan gel are two product sizes: 150 ml and 75 ml.

The first, larger version of the preparation is ideal for everyday use at home, the second – thanks to the small size of the packaging – you can take with you on a weekend trip or vacation.

The ergonomic applicator allows you to apply the right dose of the preparation to your hand with one move and massage it comfortably into the penis.

Is it worth using Formelan? Our recommendation

As it turns out – definitely yes! It is not only effective, but also safe for health. It allows you to enjoy sexual activity and helps to fight complexes.

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