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Today, we ever more often come across advertisements for products that attempt to solve the hair loss problem. One of the most popular products of this type is Vivese Senso Duo oil with a unique formula of herbal extracts, which, according to the manufacturer, guarantees efficiency of 60 per cent in just three months.

Hair loss – a problem of contemporary womenhair loss in women

The health and appearance of your hair is in a way a reflection of the condition of your body. If your hair is lustrous, healthy, voluminous and flexible, you are much more attractive in the eyes of other people. This was confirmed among other things by one of the international dating sites – it revealed that during the first meetings men pay attention above all to hairstyle.

Unfortunately, nowadays a lot of women face serious problems connected with their hair. According to a 2014 study conducted by the TNS research agency, nearly half of us assessed the condition of our hair as bad. Women complained especially that their hair was thin and susceptible to damage. What is the reason behind that? The further part of the study provided the answer – according to women participating in the survey the causes of hair loss and hair damage include frequent beauty treatments, stress and diet which is poor in vitamins and minerals – ingredients that play an extremely important role in the hair building process.

Vivese Senso Duo – a pharmacy-based help in combating the problem of hair loss

senso duo - cure for hair lossVivese Senso Duo oil is one of the most popular anti-hair fall products that are now available on the market. Its formula is based on nearly thirty active ingredients, mainly of plant origin. Combined in appropriate proportions, they help visibly reduce the symptoms of male pattern baldness and alopecia areata in both women and men. It happens because the overproduction of DHT, an active form of testosterone, is halted. In large quantities, DHT damages hair follicles, impairing the function of hair building and growth.

Laboratory tests carried out by independent researchers have shown that already a 3-month treatment with Vivese Senso Duo oil brings noticeable results in as many as 90 per cent of the people surveyed who struggled with the problem of hair loss.

Why is the treatment with Senso Duo oil so effective?

Senso Duo serum owes its great performance to nearly thirty plant oils and nutrients, which are combined together to form a unique formula that improves the condition of hair follicles.

effects of the treatment senso duo in menThanks to baikal skullcap, which has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine, the oil exhibits anti-inflammatory properties, improves the condition of your blood vessels and boosts scalp microcirculation, nourishing hair follicles. Similar results are also achieved thanks to arginine, contained in the product, as oxygenated hair follicles increase the production of keratin, which is the main building block of healthy hair.

Caffeine is the next active ingredient of Senso Duo. It is well known for its stimulating properties; however, few people are aware of its soothing properties which improve the condition of your hair. Caffeine included in the product activates hair follicles and blocks excessive secretion of an active form of testosterone, which is responsible for androgenic alopecia.

Excellent results of the treatment with Senso Duo serum are also achieved by proper nourishment of the scalp and by strengthening its hydro-lipid layer, which at the same time guarantees its permanent hydration. An ingredient that helps ensure this is camellia extract, called Chinese olive oil. It contains a complex of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins, closing hair scales and improving its compact structure. Coconut oil is an invaluable source of the above-mentioned beneficial compounds. Its ingredients strengthen hair roots, making them more stable and less susceptible to hair fall.

effects of the treatment senso duo in womenSoy and wheat sprouts extracts contained in Senso Duo oil exhibit revitalizing properties. They provide above all valuable nutrients, such as complex sugars. This extends the anagen phase, thereby increasing the number and thickness of individual hairs.

Rose seed extract, which has been used for centuries in natural medicine, is the next component of Senso Duo. This extract provides above all various vitamins, which are natural antioxidants. Vitamins A, C and E protect hair follicles against free radicals, effectively reducing the number of hairs lost each day.

The whole array of vitamins contained in Senso Duo is complemented by vitamins B and K, contained in the pumpkin seed extract. They are also a rich source of omega 3 acids, which help your hair regain vitality and healthy glow, make it less brittle and more resistant to damages.

The effectiveness of Vivese Senso Duo has been scientifically proven

Independent tests and studies have confirmed the extraordinary performance of Senso Duo. After a pilot 3-month treatment period, as many as 90% of all study subjects said they were satisfied with the results. And indeed, the results were astonishing – within 3 months the number of hairs lost decreased by even 60% – this corresponds to about 1800 new, strong hairs.

Vivese Senso Duo – opinions of dermatologists and trichologists

oil senso duoThe effectiveness of active ingredients contained in Vivese Senso Duo serum is also confirmed by experts in the field of dermatology. According to them, now there are no products on the market that would have such a well-thought-out list of ingredients and such a well-developed active formula. In their opinion, Vivese Senso Duo oil contains everything that is required to effectively reduce hair loss, strengthen your hair and make it beautiful (however, regular use is of key importance here).

Is it worth using Vivese Senso Duo serum?

Taking into account the efficiency of the product and the opinions of independent experts, Vivese Senso Duo, preventing hair loss, is most certainly worth your attention. Thanks to the affordable price of the oil, even a long treatment will not be an excessive financial burden and the effects will certainly be more satisfactory, both in women and in men.

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