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The ear is the organ of hearing, but also the balance. Among the most common causes of hearing impairment are aging, loud noises, infections of the external auditory canal, all types of ear infections and even taking certain medications.

Taking care of the auditory system is one of the factors that help ensure the quality and joy of life. Earoptim Patches appeared on the market, being a remedy in many ailments of this type.

What is Earoptim Patches?

These are innovative plasters containing extracts from natural ingredients that support the auditory system. The form of patches is convenient to use and almost imperceptible during use.

After gluing they are virtually imperceptible – you only remember them when replacing the patch for another. The set of antioxidant patches was created for everyone who is suffering from hearing loss and hearing disorders: noise and other unwanted or uncontrolled acoustic sounds.

The basis for the operation of Earoptim Patches are natural ingredients and vitamins, which is why it is considered safe. It contains only active components thoroughly tested before allowing the patches to be used. One package, in addition to the practical leaflet, contains a set of patches for a monthly treatment.

Who is Earoptim Patches recommended for?

The patches are dedicated primarily to people with hearing problems, hearing loss or gradual hearing loss. Due to the fact that this is one of the most important senses, you must protect it.

Earoptim Patches significantly helps in this by allowing you to repair hearing loss and other defects associated with the ears. It also strengthens them as part of the body, so it can be useful to people with reduced immunity with a tendency to frequent ear infections.

Ingredients of Earoptim Patches

The basis of good operation of the patches is a composition of natural ingredients, perfectly examined by specialists. They provide both relief and health. The most important elements are primarily:

  • earoptim patches L-carnitine – important for the proper functioning of the nervous system. It helps in reducing noise and ringing in the ears. It aligns deficiencies in neurotransmitters, preventing disorders in the reception of auditory stimuli. In addition, it improves the flow of sound pulses, as well as reduces the appearance of head valves and sudden weakness associated with disorders of the nervous system;
  • Extract from the roots of membranous traganka – improves the condition and functioning of the immune system, supports the body, protects the hearing organs. It contains a lot of micronutrients, which help protect the ear against pollution, as well as help to eliminate unpleasant acoustic problems;
  • Extract of rosehips – is widely known for the large amounts of vitamin C. Besides in the fruit of wild rose there are many other vitamins and positive substances for health: folic acid, flavonoids, organic acids, carotenoids, pectins. They help to keep the body in good condition, support the body’s cells, do not allow their rapid degradation and aging. Vitamin C fights free radicals, and the whole extract has the ability to protect the body against oxidative activity;
  • Extract from ginkgo biloba – there are compounds in it that improve the elasticity of the walls in the brain. This means more glucose and oxygen, or ingredients that are necessary for the brain. Both components are transferred to the nerve cells that entwine the brain and to the cells in the inner ear, reducing hearing loss;
  • Vitamin E – is an excellent antioxidant that helps fight free radicals. In this respect, it works just as well as vitamins A and C. In addition, vitamin E protects the body against oxidative stress that can damage the hair cells. In addition, the vitamin is responsible for the support of blood clotting processes and contributes to the protection of platelets against clumping and thrombosis. Its advantage is also the improvement of mucosal permeability, which reduces the additional acoustic effects that are an auditory defect;
  • Magnesium citrate – is perfectly absorbed. It regulates the work of muscles and nerves, reduces their hyperactivity, and avoids cramps. In combination with vitamins A, C, E protects the inner ear;
  • L-cysteine – is an amino acid that accompanies the processes occurring in the body, regulates the level of sugar, improves the functioning of the body. It promotes the synthesis of collagen improving the condition of the skin, the condition of the blood vessels, increasing the elasticity of the skin and veins. It reduces the risk of poisoning of the body with heavy metals, drugs, alcohol and is one of the components of glutathione synthesis that helps the body in its general action and increase immunity.

Principles of Earoptim Patches

The use of Earoptim patches is extremely useful, especially in the case of big ear problems. If you have hearing problems, hearing loss or even progressive hearing loss, then you should start using them.

In addition, the patches work well as a help in eliminating annoying acoustic noise and other sound effects, such as squeaking in the ears.

Due to its herbal composition, help with the discomforts associated directly with hearing is not the only benefit when using Earoptim Patches. They are also recommended for all those who struggle with low immunity and often get colds and viral diseases.

Thanks to the natural elements, the patches allow to get rid of bacteria and viruses that could penetrate inside the body. At the same time, Earopti slices soothe, soften the skin, reducing inflammation in the ears, even those that are not clearly visible.

An interesting fact is that vitamins and minerals from herbal extracts improve the condition of the skin, reduce the risk of rapid aging of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles.

At the same time, the patches have a positive effect on blood vessels, making them more elastic. This is important not only for the ears, but for the proper blood supply of the whole organism. Flexible veins are good blood flow with oxygen. Proper microcirculation in the ears supports their better functioning.

Method of applying Earoptim Patches

To use all ingredients of the patches, they should be used correctly. Before you put the first one on the body, it is necessary to read the leaflet attached to the packaging. This guarantees better results and an understanding of the product’s operation.

The correct use of the product consists in sticking Earoptim Patches on the skin. The skin should be cleansed and dried to minimize the risk of sticking off the patch. It is best to put it in a place that does not bend during the movement of the body, ie on the back, under the shoulder blades, at the thigh, on the thigh. The patch should remain on the skin for 24 hours. After this time, you can unstick it and stick a new one. However, an important rule is not to stick a new patch exactly in the same place as before.

If it was once under the right shoulder blade, the next one should be under the left one. Also, do not stick two patches at the same time, as the concentration of ingredients in Earoptim Patches may then be disadvantageous to the body.

The patches do not break during bathing, provided it does not last longer than 15 minutes.

Contraindications to the use of patches

Earoptim Patches patches are made on the basis of natural, thoroughly tested ingredients. This means that the risk of allergies is low in their case. Despite this, it is worth being aware that there are contraindications to their use.

First of all, be careful and do not give them to people who are under 18 years of age. Younger organisms are often more sensitive and can react negatively even to safe ingredients.

The second contraindication, apart from the age, is allergy to any component of the preparation. If it causes any form of allergy, do not use Earoptim Patches and look for an alternative. It also happens that the natural ingredients found in the slices can cause allergic reactions, even if the plant has never been awakened before. For this reason, you should observe the body after sticking the patch and report any disturbing symptoms to your primary care physician.

Patients who are pregnant or nursing should also abstain from using the patches, as this may adversely affect the child.

Opinions about Earoptim Patches

Before you buy a preparation, it is worth reading the opinions that users leave about them on the Internet. This allows you to determine what to expect and whether it is really worth investing in any funds.

Most reviews of Earoptim Patches are positive. In particular, it is left to people who have been suffering from hearing loss for a long time and who feel that they can not function properly.

The use of patches is a modern choice, but very convenient because most problems with the ears have disappeared or significantly decreased. This has facilitated a wide range of product users to return to normal functioning, better hearing of the surrounding world, and thus better coping in everyday situations.

Users also emphasize that the composition of Earoptim Patches gives them a guarantee of safety, did not observe any allergies or other side-effects.

Where to buy Earoptim Patches?

The purchase of Earoptim Patches should be carefully thought out. If the composition and opinions prevailed for the purchase of the preparation, then it is best to try the preparation from an official distributor in our country , where they are always available.

Certainly there are many mail order stores offering the preparation on the network, however, if you decide to buy in a random place, you risk getting a non-original product.

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