Trichovell – review of the treatment against baldness


Recently, Trichovell enjoys great popularity. It is a modern way to fight baldness, which is a composition of numerous active ingredients. The producer assures that thanks to the patches, you will eliminate the problem of falling hair in a few weeks, you will stimulate the hair follicles to grow, and the stalks will become stronger than ever.

We decided to check whether the results will be as fruitful as the promoter of the patches. Get to know our review and find out if it’s worth buying Trichovell!

How do Trichovell plasters work?

Trichovell plasters have a formula of discrete patches, soaked in appropriate preparations, which are absorbed into the body and begin to promote hair growth.

This is the answer to women and men who have observed hair loss, weakness and slowed growth. It works well in the fight against alopecia and androgenic baldness, as well as in the stressful or caused by deficiencies of the body. It works well for people who have thin, brittle and very dull hairs or they are struggling with excessive seborrhea and a tendency to greasy.

You do not need baldness to start treatment with Trichovell! This product also helps to strengthen the hair that you have on your head, and additionally it will stimulate the appearance of more, increasing the volume of your hair!

Trichovell slices have been developed with due care, reaching for the treasures of nature. They constitute a composition of active ingredients that were obtained from plants. Thanks to the application in the designated place (near the scalp, but not on the hair), they deeply penetrate the scalp and stimulate hair growth.

What’s more, the patches soothe irritations and soothe the tired scalp. They inhibit hair loss, strengthen weakened hair follicles, regenerate hair structure and make them look much better.

It is noteworthy that the substances contained in Trichovell are released gradually, which makes them not only ad hoc (such as nutrient, wagerka), but around the clock!

Who are Trichovell slices recommended for?

Trichovell plasters have a natural composition, which makes them suitable for people with any type of scalp. Even if you have a tendency to irritation, dandruff or oily skin, you can successfully apply patches. These provide the body with substances that will help you deal with the problem.

After the product, of course, should also reach people who already have signs of baldness. What syndromes should inspire our vigilance and lead us to try?

  • trichovell Hair loss during washing and combing;
  • A lot of hair on the pillow;
  • Observable deficiencies in hair;
  • Local thinning of the hair;
  • Plaque bows;
  • Bend;
  • The formation of tonsure;
  • Weakness of hair;
  • Density reduction;
  • Matt, hairless;
  • Oily hair;
  • Crumbling tip;
  • Pain when combing.

What does Trichovell contain?

There are many reasons why you should order Trichovell. The most important, however, is a properly selected, natural composition. The active substances contained in the patches are released into the scalp and exert a great influence on the hair follicles and at the same time reach the structure of the hair along its entire length. The most important ingredients that have a positive effect on suppression of baldness and acceleration of hair growth are:

  • Barbed Snipe – has anti-inflammatory and detoxification effect, which helps reduce possible changes on the scalp and in the inner layers. This component increases tissue elasticity, slows the aging process of cells and promotes the growth of healthy, strong hair. This plant abounds in unsaturated fatty acids, mineral compounds and essential oils, which acts antiallergic, moisturizing, softening and protecting.
  • Bamboo – is known as a way to make thick and thick hair. Extract from it perfectly moisturizes the scalp, has antioxidant and oxygenating properties. It is rich in silica, amino acids, minerals and vitamins, which regenerates and strengthens damaged hair, giving them shine and flexibility. It also has a stimulating effect on the growth of new hair, making them grow faster and even in places that have been thinned or bald up to now.
  • Sidelinesuppresses the activity of 5′-reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT. This promotes hair loss suppression and prevents alopecia from progressing. In addition, it increases the thickness and number of hair threads, and also reduces the production of sebum, so that the hair does not oily so strongly. The serrated margin can also have a good effect on skin flaking and dandruff, eliminating the phenomenon.
  • Extract from vines – rich in organic acids, vitamins, folic acid, carotenoids, proteins and mineral salts. It has strong antioxidant and anti-aging effects. With it, the hair is more shiny, perfectly nourished and moisturized. An undoubted advantage is also that the extract from the vine accelerates hair growth and has a UV protection effect.
  • L-cysteine – hair very much like amino acids. This ingredient greatly cares for them, making them extremely smooth and shiny. L-cysteine nourishes, regenerates and strengthens hair, and also protects strands from UV radiation. It also has a beneficial effect on lichen and prevents premature hair loss.
  • Adenosine – is part of human DNA, more precisely a nucleoside, i.e. an organic compound, which is a combination of a nitrogenous base combined with ribose, deoxyribose or ribitol. Thanks to it, nutrients quickly reach the skin and activate. It is also famous for its accelerating properties of hair growth.

How to use Trichovell plasters?

The Trichovell patch application is extremely simple and intuitive. One patch per day should be used, which should be placed on dry and cleansed skin around the hair – for example behind the ear, on the neck, forehead, temples or neck.

We stick it overnight, necessarily on dry and cleansed skin. After 8-10 hours, carefully peel off the patch. The treatment should last about 2-3 months, however the first effects will be visible after a few days.

Are there any contraindications to the use of Trichovell?

There are many preparations on the market that are to help people of all ages to get rid of problems with baldness or hair weakness. A large part of them, however, is abundant in harmful substances that can damage the scalp. It is different in the case of Trichovell.

Trichovell is a product that is extremely safe and its formula is based on extracts and extracts from plants and organic ingredients. However, care should be taken if you are allergic or hypersensitive to any of the ingredients.

Experts’ opinions on the effectiveness of Trichovell patches

“I work as a hairdresser in one of the largest centers dealing with baldness problems. Reports to me are those wards who have problems with their hair – alopecia androgenetic baldness, plaques or stress affects more and more people. I recommend Trichovell slices to everyone. This is an innovative method that brings optimal results. The product is valued for its clean and very scalp composition. Easy application and attractive price are a sufficient reason to convince you that they can help you too! “Jan, 43, hairdresser

“I am a graduate in cosmetology, I have completed numerous trichological courses, and today I help many people who deal with troublesome baldness, have weakened hair and other problems, such as greasiness, dandruff, fragility or dullness of hair. I test various products that are to help them comprehensively. Trichovell is currently a hit on the market. These patches cope well with each of the problems I have mentioned, as well as others. My pupils come back to me with thanks and present their results. I recommend this product with all my heart! “Anna, 37, cosmetologist

Customer feedback on the use of Trichovell patches

“I’ve never had a lot on my mind, but recently I noticed that it is getting worse. I have a bend, and in the morning I find more and more hair on the pillow. My wife ordered me on behalf of a friend of Trichovell. I have been using the third month and I see a significant improvement. The bends have decreased slightly, but most importantly – I do not have this terrible bald head in the middle of my head, because my hair has thickened! I honestly recommend. “Hubert, 32 years old

“I underwent surgery a few months ago. It is said that after anesthesia, the hair they make is very weak, so I was counting on it a little. However, I did not expect it to be that bad! I lost half my hair. I went to the trichologist, and he recommended my treatment with Trichovell plasters. I’ve been using another month and I have to admit that the results are amazing. “Sandra, 39 years old

“Usually I am skeptical about various innovations in the world of cosmetics. Nevertheless, I ordered patches on behalf of my friend and I went through the treatment. In the end, my hair got bright, do not greasy so quickly, I do not have dandruff, and above all I have the impression that they are much stronger and there are more. I hope that for the wedding (and this in seven months) I will have beautiful and long hair. I think it’s worth a try and I can recommend Trichovell! “Marta, 55 years old

Is it worth using Trichovell? Our rating

Trichovell is undoubtedly one of those products that arouses curiosity because of its friendly formula and safe composition. After analyzing the method of operation, ingredients, expert opinions and customers, we are very positively surprised.

Recommendations encourage to test patches that can bring about a lot of positive changes. Our rating is 5/5!

Where to buy trichovell? Our recommendation

Remember that when you order products online, you must exercise extreme caution. There is a risk that you will end up with a non-original, dangerous one. Therefore, do not be guided only by price or advertising, and use a reliable source.

For the sake of the safety of our readers, here is a link to the official distributor’s website in our country. There you can buy an original and full-blown set of Trichovell plasters, and what’s more, you’ll be guaranteed the effectiveness of the product.

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