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lavenin Mycosis of the feet is a problem faced by millions of people around the world. It is a health problem, but also an aesthetic one. It affects the ugly appearance of feet and nails, which is a huge problem especially for women who are ashamed to wear sandals or fashionable flip-flops in the summer. The pharmaceutical market offers an increasing number of various types of preparations to combat this unpleasant and embarrassing ailment. Some are effective, others only mask the symptoms, others do not cope with this condition at all. Lavenin is gaining more and more popularity among the really effective preparations for fighting mycosis. How is he different from others? Mainly efficiency and the way of application. Lavenin is in the form of salt for soaking feet.

Lavenin – salt combating mycosis of the feet

The manufacturer of the preparation ensures that the salt not only fights the symptoms but also the cause of mycosis. Such effectiveness is ensured by a unique combination of plant ingredients with a strong ingredient – colloidal silver . The preparation is in the form of salt crystals, which means that the ingredients of the preparation can penetrate deeper into the skin layers, cleansing it.

Salt Lavenin – composition

Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic. The mycosis is recurrent, so an effective preparation for this ailment must not only fight the symptoms, but also act comprehensively to destroy pathogenic microorganisms causing these symptoms. Only then will the relief of symptoms be permanent. Colloidal silver is an ingredient that has been used for a long time, wherever it is important to reduce the risk of bacterial infections. For this reason, surgical instruments and dialysis kits are coated with colloidal silver. Colloidal silver has strong bactericidal and antifungal properties. Its presence in the Lavenin preparation ensures an effective fight against mycosis. From the first application, it slows down the development of fungal cells, at the same time reduces symptoms such as: burning, itching, unpleasant smell, redness.

Lavender – protection against bacteria, skin repair

Lavender flower has very strong bactericidal properties, thanks to the content of numerous active substances. The lavender flower contains tannins, minerals and anthocyanins. The latter exhibit binding properties for free radicals, which also helps to neutralize bacteria. Lavender flower also contains significant amounts of tannins which protect the plant from herbivorous insects in nature. Tannins also have drying and tightening properties, so they accelerate the process of cleansing the skin by exfoliating old, damaged and infected epidermis. Tannins also strengthen the stratum corneum, making it more resistant to damage and the penetration of microorganisms through it. In addition to the lavender flower extract, the Verlaven preparation also uses lavender oil . Thanks to it, the vessels around the changes expand and this improves skin nourishment. Nourished skin copes better with the fight against microorganisms in the future, so it prevents the recurrence of mycosis. Lavender oil also makes the skin smooth, soft, and even its color.

Salt Lavenin – how to use

In the opinion of the manufacturer, the preparation allows for practically immediate effects. However, for mycosis to be treated quickly enough, you should follow the recommendations. Dissolve a measure of Lavenin salt in a dish of warm water. Wait for all crystals to dissolve. In this way, you soak your feet for 45 minutes a day. However, the skin should not be rubbed or scrubbed because such action interferes with the absorption of active ingredients. The treatment should be repeated every day.

Lavenin mycosis salt – effectiveness confirmed in tests

Before the preparation hit the market, it was thoroughly tested. The most famous tests were performed by world-famous dermatologists from Vancouver. Their study involved 50 volunteers who had been struggling with the problem of recurrent athlete’s foot for some time. The volunteers were divided into three groups. One group used Lavenin salts, the other used a placebo, and the third was a control group. The tests lasted three months. After this time, in the group that used Lavenin salts as recommended, the mycosis disappeared completely, and 90% of it completely disappeared after 2 weeks of regular use. In the placebo group, mycosis decreased in only 3% of the volunteers, while in the control group no changes were noted.

Experts on Lavenin

It is the opinions of users that are the most important, but if such opinions are issued by specialists in the supplement, they are the most credible. Mycosis is a condition that affects not only ordinary people, but also doctors, specialists in many fields of medicine. This was also the case with dr. Elise Monroe: “I often go to the swimming pool after work. I am rather cautious people, but unfortunately I also developed mycosis symptoms. I used many preparations. Some of them helped, but only for a moment. ™, others did not cope with the problem at all. A friend recommended Lavenin to me. As a doctor, I first read in trade magazines about the effectiveness of the preparation. I found information about these salts. Positive test results encouraged me to buy. I used it once a day, after returning home. The first thing I noticed was the feeling of refreshing the skin. it was soothing to me, 2 weeks after the mycosis there was no trace and they have not returned to this day! ” rejoices Dr. Elise.

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