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solviren weight lossGreen coffee is a very popular ingredient with a number of applications in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. It is even proclaimed by some people a miraculous panacea that helps cope with the vast majority of ailments. Very interesting are, in particular, the unique properties of green coffee, which were the reason why people have started to take an interest in it in the context of weight loss. One of the best products on the market which contains green coffee extract is Solviren. Its high effectiveness is confirmed by a number of recommendations and opinions of satisfied customers.

Is Solviren really effective?

weight loss pills solvirenSolviren supports weight loss, by acting in three stages – that is why we can call it a comprehensive product. First, some of the ingredients contained in the capsule are involved in the detoxification of the body, which is stage one. Getting rid of the lingering toxins and metabolites is very important, because without it the function of many organs and chemical compounds is impaired, making it difficult to burn fat.

Proper cleansing of the body is followed by the principal stage, i.e. weight loss. Due to the powerful effect of the concentrated nutrients, the metabolic activity of the body reaches an unprecedented level, which results in immediate burning of the subcutaneous tissue.

To maintain the effects of weight loss, you should still stabilize the metabolism – most of the products available on the market do not include that stage. Solviren is an exception – its ingredients help maintain the effects of the treatment, without fear of getting fat again.

Ingredients of Solviren: how does the chlorogenic acid contained in green coffee work?

solviren weight loss supplementThanks to the content of high-quality green coffee extract, Solviren is a rich source of chlorogenic acid (CGA). It is a substance belonging to the group of polyphenols, an ester of fatty acids: quinic and caffeic acids. It influences the metabolism, by stimulating the body’s cells to respond to one of the hormones secreted by the pancreas – insulin.

Chlorogenic acid contained in Solviren capsules slows down the release of glucose after a meal and increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin. What does it mean? Due to low degree of saturation with glucose after a meal, the body doesn’t significantly reduce the rate of metabolism, as is usually the case – after all, we all feel sleepy after eating a nourishing dinner.

effects solvirenWorking at high speed, our body doesn’t store simple sugars in the form of subcutaneous fat, but immediately converts them into energy – in this way, energy deficit occurs. This in turn forces the body to look for other sources of energy, such as fatty tissue. An important aspect of influencing the human metabolism in this way is the fact that regular use of Solviren actually allows you to consume meals with standard calorific value. In this way, you don’t need to be on low-calorie diets, which have a very detrimental effect on your body and in some cases only bring more harm than good. Not to mention the effort that you have to put in to maintain the effects of such a weight loss treatment.

Chlorogenic acid contained in Solviren also helps protect your internal organs from being covered in fat. As a result, you take care of our heart and liver at the same time, preventing cardiovascular problems and liver insufficiency.

Research on the effectiveness of Solviren

effects of tablets solvirenGreen coffee has already been tested in all possible ways, but only a small part of these studies focused solely on weight-loss properties of this ingredient. One of the most well-known studies on the effectiveness of Solviren was the experiment conducted in Scranton, USA.

The entire study was supervised by Joe Vinson, an internationally renowned expert, who invited a team of 16 volunteers to participate in the study. Eight women and eight men took part in a so-called double-blind study. This test method seemed to be the best, as it minimizes the influence of the persons responsible for conducting the study on the study result. In accordance with the principles of a double-blind study, neither the subjects nor the investigators have access to detailed data about the experiment conducted. For 6 weeks volunteers received two doses of Solviren – some were given 1050 mg per day, others about 1/3 less. The third group of people received placebo. All these people were asked not to change their eating habits and habits related to physical activity for the duration of the experiment – all that was supposed to remain unchanged.

The test results exceeded all the expectations of scientists – in the first group, the average weight loss was 7.5 kg, while in the second group – 5.4 kg. In the third group there were no significant changes, for an obvious reason.

Solviren – opinions of experts and dietitians about the weight-loss supplement

effects of the supplement solvirenSuch good test results caused great consternation also among professionals who deal with the treatment of obesity and metabolic problems on a daily basis. One of them is Dr. Mark Cavendish form the University of California in Los Angeles. “In my everyday work, I deal mainly with physical preparation of athletes, so I know how hard it is for them to achieve the desired body weight before an important event. Not so long ago one of my students began to achieve extremely good results – after a consultation I found out that he used Solviren. It was then that I came across research on this product. Currently, I use it in almost all of my patients”, says Dr. Cavendish.

effects of regular use solvirenCaroline White, a nutritionist, a consultant for the US Food and Drug Administration, a private fitness trainer and a lover of a healthy lifestyle, shares this opinion concerning the effectiveness of Solviren. “After giving birth to my last child I had big problems with getting back to my previous body weight, despite the fact that from an early age I was involved in sports. Then, one of my friends who is a doctor recommended me to use Solviren, which in my case turned out to be the best choice. I lost seven kilograms in less than three weeks”, says Caroline with satisfaction.

Is it worth using Solviren to lose weight? Our opinion.

You can clearly see that Solviren, a weight-loss product with green coffee, is currently the most effective pharmaceutical product of this type. You should be encouraged to buy the supply of the product as the beach season is nearing and each of us wants to look glamorous then. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that Solviren is completely safe for your health, which makes it one of the exceptions in the market, which is swarming with preparations of doubtful origin.

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