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What is Indian Coleus (forskolin)?

Indian Coleus grows in subtropical regions characterised by warm climate, namely in: India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Birma, Thailand and in other countries of South-East Asia. It is also known as Falso Baldo, Coleus forskohlii, Maigoya or simply Coleus. It’s a perennial plant.

Studies and use of Indian Coleus (forskolin)

Indian Coleus extract has been used for centuries in traditional Indian medicine. It is a very effective weight loss solution. In addition to its slimming properties, it can be employed to treat hypertension, congestive heart failure, respiratory disorders and inflammation of the bladder. Research into the medical benefits of this plant started in 1974. It proved that the healing properties are mainly the result of the presence of diterpene compounds, and these are: acetoxycoleosol, barbatusin, coleol, coleonon, coleanol, deoxycoleonol, dialdehydes, crocetin, napthopiron, plectrine, plectirinon, secoabietan. However, the most important one was forskolin, singled out after long research and named in honour of the Finnish botanist Peter Forskal. Forskolin is responsible for almost all the pharmacological effects of Indian Coleus.

How does Forskolin (Indian Coleus) work?

Forskolin affects the production of an enzyme called adenylate cyclase (AC), which is associated with cell membranes. This superior enzyme stimulates other enzymes that regulate the growth of muscle tissue, as well as initiate the process of fat burning. Forskolin converts adenosine triphosphate (ATP) into cAMP – cyclic adenosine monophosphate, which regulates fat breakdown in adipose cells. It also accelerates the transport of fat to areas, where it is converted into energy.

By increasing the production of cAMP, Forskolin stimulates protein synthesis, and thus, accelerates the development of muscle mass. Also, as a result of reactions induced by forskolin, a release of fatty acids from adipose cells takes place. Thus, the body uses the fat for energy, transforming it into muscle and energy necessary for thermogenesis, i.e. The process that helps to maintain a constant body temperature. In this way, significant amounts of fat are burned, which is extremely important, especially for obese people whose cAMP levels are usually reduced.

What are the properties of Forskolin (Indian Coleus)?

The beneficial properties of forskolin are mainly related to the production of cAMP in all human body cells.

Functions of cAMP:

  • losing weight with Indian Coleus inhibits lipid synthesis in the cells of the so-called “yellow adipose tissue”,
  • it causes weight loss due to the reduction of body fat, by stimulating the decomposition of fat ingredients (lipolysis) and moderate growth of muscle tissue, which promotes the development of the so-called “lean body mass”,
  • it activates the hormone-sensitive lipase enzyme (HSL) in adipose cells in order to release accumulated fat and transport it areas requiring energy,
  • it stimulates the secretion of the thyroid hormones, thus enhancing metabolism,
  • it faciliates thermogenesis.

How should Forskolin (Indian Coleus) be used in weight loss?

According to experts, one should take 720mg of forskolin daily. The capsules should be taken twice a day on an empty stomach: before breakfast and before dinner, with a glass of water. You should not exceed the recommended dose, as excessive amounts of Indian Coleus extract will not be assimilated be the body.

Opinions on Forskolin (Indian Coleus) slimming tablets

tablets forskolinNumerous opinions of doctors and experts are consistent: Forskolin diet pills have a very positive effect on the thyroid hormones that are responsible for regulating the metabolism. Thyroid hormones affect the metabolic processes, as well as psychomotor skills, which translate into the condition of the entire body. The more efficient the thyroid, the more effectively the metabolism converts fat into energy, which is crucial for the well-being of the body.

The cited research findings, descriptions of action and opinions on the Indian Coleus extract should make it easier to make up one’s mind and try to lose weight using Forskolin slimming capsules. Medical and scientific confirmations of its effectiveness make this preparation extremely trustworthy. Finally, we would like to wish you the best possible results in getting rid of extra pounds with Forskolin diet capsules containing Indian Coleus extract.

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