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ling fluent foreign language learningLearning foreign languages has been becoming more and more popular, especially among young people, who realize the importance of these skills in the labour market. Increasingly eager to learn foreign languages are also elderly people who search for work abroad. On the market there are many methods aimed at expanding your vocabulary in a foreign language, some of them quite abstract. Some seem ridiculous at first glance, other are really effective and can help you master several languages in a short time. Ling Fluent, an innovative e-learning platform, is one of such solutions. Why is this solution so unique?

Ling Fluent – learn up to eight foreign languages!

Skills in a wide range of foreign languages greatly increases your social status, which the authors of this innovative solution are well aware of. The Fluent Ling platform was created thanks to the efforts of software developers and psychologists as well as specialists in the field of assimilation of information by the brain. The platform makes it possible to master up to eight most popular European languages. These include: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Norwegian, Swedish and Dutch.

What is the secret behind the Ling Fluent method?

ling fluent foreign languagesThe author of Ling Fluent, a unique method of foreign language teaching, is Leo Anders, a brilliant polyglot. When developing this method, he noted that the human brain faster deals with assimilating foreign words whose meaning it simply doesn’t know. This prompted him to think about those aspects and he concluded that an optimal solution consists in firstly seeing a new word, then hearing it in a sentence, and only at the end finding out what it really means. This is how children learn, and as you know, it is in childhood that the human brain absorbs information the fastest.

Through this method of learning vocabulary in childhood, a very dense network of strong associations is created in the brain, which make it impossible to forget a word once it has been memorized. When you learn new phrases both hemispheres of the brain are involved: the right captures the verbal message, and the left – the accompanying picture. Thanks to the recorded pronunciation, we engage the sense of hearing in the learning process. This method speeds up the learning process, reducing the time necessary to master a foreign language up to five times! And therefore, you can learn a new language in only 30 days, memorizing about 200 new words a day. Moreover, you’re the one to decide when and for how long you learn – there are no “overloaded” curricula in which you have to acquire knowledge brick by brick.

With Ling Fluent you can learn foreign languages virtually everywhere!

ling fluent language learningLing Fluent is an innovative e-learning platform that supports all currently known mobile devices. This means that you can learn a new language even on the way to work, and during a 15-minute break at school.

Simply open the application, select the language you want to learn, and then make a selection of the range of vocabulary. Vocabulary is very well categorised, as it has been divided into 15 categories: everyday life, work, home, family, human/appearance, health, food, travel, weather, business, money, technology, art, media and nature.

A highly advanced IT system of the Ling Fluent platform verifies the acquired knowledge in real time, so keeping track of your progress isn’t difficult at all. And as you know, even the smallest steps forward motivate you to go on and accelerate foreign language learning.

Scientific studies have confirmed the effectiveness of Ling Fluent, an innovative language learning method

effects method ling fluentThe Ling Fluent course has been developed by experienced linguists and methodologists of foreign language teaching. Persons with the same competence tested the effectiveness of this method to check what they were able to fully accomplish. The research was carried out by scientists at the Harvard University, who throughout their scientific careers studied the influence of auditory and pictorial stimuli on how fast information is absorbed by the human brain. This time the study participants were students of all ages and sexes; in total nearly 20 people.

Their skills in individual foreign languages were different, but none of these people showed any characteristics of a polyglot. At the beginning of the research program, each tester had to select one language which they wanted to learn, and then follow the instructions available on the Ling Fluent platform. The results of the study were surprising for scientists, as well as for the students themselves. Nearly 98 percent of them mastered the language of their choice in only 30 days! Some of them even started learning a second language in the meantime, which means they did two courses at the same time.

Such results clearly confirm that the impulse methodology of foreign language teaching used in Ling Fluent works in 100 percent and is currently the most effective one on the market.

Experts are amazed at the results of the Ling Fluent method

effects of method language learning ling fluentOne of the most famous polyglots in the world, Professor Adam Moud, did not believe that this platform is so highly effective, as he needed an average of 4 months to master one of several languages he knew. “I saw a Ling Fluent advertisement by pure accident and couldn’t believe that this learning method is so effective. After several days of hesitation, I decided that I actually had nothing to lose and I could use it to learn Dutch, which I had always found difficult. After completing a monthly study period, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I passed all the tests without any problems and even though I’m not a youngster any more, I managed to master the next foreign language – I had thought that my capabilities were exhausted already when I had learnt Chinese”, Professor Moud laughs.

Is the method of learning languages with Ling Fluent really effective? Our opinion

ling fluent method of foreign language learningToday, nobody has doubts that it’s not enough to know only one foreign language, for instance English. Companies in the labour market are looking for more and more talented people who can communicate in many languages. Ling Fluent e-learning platform is a great way to drastically improve your social status and give yourself a chance for a bright future. An innovative research method and unparalleled results of the learning process clearly show that placing your future in the hands of Ling Fluent is a good choice.

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